Peace4Kids Annual Holiday Celebration

Much love to everyone that made our Holiday Party a HUGE success! Huge shout out to our youth - our Super Heroes - who continue to bless the world with their truth and light! 

To the 55 Peace4Kids volunteers in attendance, and to the entire volunteer family who continue to show-up, both physically and emotionally for our youth and community, we love and appreciate y’all more than words can express.

  • SPECIAL THANKS to Foster Care Counts and all their amazing volunteers. From the months spent preparing, to the countless hours fulfilling gift requests, the set up, the decorations, the activities and all that dang candy! The Holiday Party has evolved into something otherworldly and we can not thank you enough for making this event so magical!
  • To our brother/volunteer/gardener Alex Zalder - thank you for being the jolliest, most caring Santa we could ever imagine. Bleaching your dang beard (aka face) just to see the joy that it brings to our youth is true commitment - and we absolutely adore you you for it!
  • Thank you to The Book Foundation for providing hundreds of books for our youth! As their love for reading continues to grow, so does the amount of books heading out the P4K doors! It’s awesome to see our young folks so passionate about reading!
  • Barbecue Brethren and Bigmista's Barbecue & Sammich Shop, thank you for preparing such a delicious meal! It’s always inspiring for our kids to see BIG meals cooked on their Mobile Village Kitchen!
  • C&C Entertainment - thank you for making our kids laugh and smile as you twisted balloons and painted faces!
  • PV National Charity League, Inc. thank you for providing dessert! Your continued support is such a blessing!
  • And much love to our wonderful sister/volunteer/photographer Hannah Arista Photography.

We wish you all an inspiring new year, and look forward to the journey ahead!