Breaking Down Barriers to Affordable Housing

After 12 years in the P4K community, we're excited to share that Antwoine Laws is the first qualified candidate to accept Peace4Kids brand new housing opportunity in LA!

Yes, his positive energy and smile are contagious (we can all agree to that) but it's his hard work and genuine care for himself and others that make Antwoine the perfect partner for the launch of this program. Go brother Antwoine! Keep paving the way for the future!!!


Last year, when Antwoine and our LEAD group developed a list of barriers to their success, homelessness was at the top of the list. Affordable housing is near impossible to come by in Los Angeles and with rental rates often pricing out potential renters, we have lost many Peace4Kids alumni to neighboring cities and states; forced into another move by a system that has failed to adequately serve them.

We brainstormed ideas, and shared their list with our volunteers and stakeholders asking folks to support our increased efforts to support our Transitional Age Youth (TAY).  In response, over 100 supporters joined our Heroes Circle by signing up for recurring monthly donations.

One family, the Mathews were so struck by the housing disparity that they launched their very own foundation Home4LAYouths and offered Peace4Kids TAY a whole floor of apartment units in a building they own in Downtown LA. 

These units would be offered well below market rate, but we still needed financial support to cover the gap that might exist for some of our transitioning youth. One of our alumni, Angelica Nwandu, was so touched by this family’s generosity that she decided to match their financial gift with one of her own — a $50,000 commitment!

Because of these gifts, more youth will have the opportunity to stay in their community to fulfill their educational and career goals. Most importantly, they will gain a sense of ownership and fidelity over their destiny.

Antwoine Laws is the first recipient of this housing opportunity. When asked about his initial reaction to the news Antwoine said, “I was shaking. This is a place I can finally call my own - and even though I'm having this adventure on my own, there's still somebody (the Mathew's family) so close that's looking out for me, and that's really dope!"

This month, in honor of National Foster Care month, we're excited to share our ongoing strategies to positively change the outcomes of youth in foster care. Watch the video below to hear more from Antwoine, and join the movement today by becoming a part of our Heroes Circle! 



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