2022 Session Calendar

“Communication is a two-way street, really, it’s a matter of listening to one another.” - James Baldwin


Spring is here!🌷🌸 

Unsurprisingly, the spring season gets its name from the verb "spring." It's a nod to the flowers and plants springing up, springing open, and bursting into blossom. Spring is all about new beginnings and transformations – think of it as a season that symbolizes starting fresh and starting over. It re-awakens us and our surrounding environment, bringing everything back to life.

This session's Core Concept, Effective Communication 💬  is a key element of the HAVS, our tool for building and nurturing meaningful connections.

In the clip below, see Sad use empathy to connect with Bing Bong.🧡

🐣 SPRING Session Calendar 

NOTE: With the potential for new opportunities and unforeseen health regulations, the calendar is subject to change. Check out our Annual Program Calendar to see the rest of the year's schedule. As always, community safety is our #1 priority. Our current COVID-19 protocol outlines participation guidelines.

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