Dr. Akin Abioye letter

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It was 15 years ago when I joined the then fairly new community of Peace4Kids, where I was able to reconnect with family and build relationships with mentors that will last a lifetime.  Now I am honored to reflect on this past year, particularly, I am humbled to have recently completed my first year of service as the Board Chair and share with you all the progress we have made. Our organization’s work has always been representative of the community we serve; 2019 this was no different.

This year in review will highlight these efforts:  

  • Changing the Narrative—Youth initiated project to change the way people perceive youth in foster care
  • Foster Scholars United – A Southern California foster care alumni network to help advance career opportunities and access to employment
  • Permanent Supportive Housing – Youth transitioning out of care building a small care permanent solution to the LA housing affordability crisis
  • Training + Development – Working with child welfare and education professionals to train them on culturally responsive approaches to serving youth in care

These efforts are in their infancy and will continue to need our investment. Not just financial, but as citizens who commit to being allies that are comfortable disrupting unjust practices and beliefs. When we unite behind these principles, we build communities that are resilient and young people who recognize their value. I live by these principles and I’m proud and honored to ensure they stay anchored to Peace4Kids’ success.

As you read this report, you’ll see there’s a lot worth celebrating. Our community of young leaders are advancing agendas meaningful to them and we are enthusiastically supporting them. They frame their efforts around equity and mitigating biases that impact children and communities of color in the very systems designed to serve them.

Thank you for your willingness to learn and/or engage in this work. I trust that this report highlights how our nearly 22 years of service have positively transformed the foster care landscape for future generations.

In peace and solidarity,

Dr. Akin Abioye