Mentor Programs at Peace4Kids

"Wasn't this the very best day ever?" eight year old Angel asked her brother Gabriel.

The two were nestled comfortably in the back seat of Hannah's car. Gabriel sunk deeply into his seat with a satisfied sigh, "It really was the best day ever", he replied.

A wide smile crossed Hannah's face as she watched the two in her rear view mirror; it was an amazing day for her too. A dedicated volunteer, Hannah was taking part in the Peace4Kids Group Mentoring Program.

Together with fellow volunteer Luis, and staff mentor Jacob, they took Gabriel, Angel and older brothers Isaac and Samuel on a inspired, fun and engaging outing of their choosing. Choice is frequently stripped away from kids in foster care, so encouraging decision making at every opportunity is a key Peace4Kids value. The day was a resounding success, with swimming and kayaking at the beach, followed by a family style dinner for seven, and of course ice cream to finish! 


Peace4Kids mentor outings are volunteer funded.

Please consider supplementing a mentor outing!