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20 Years of Peace4Kids - I am Present



A 20 Year Reflection from our Co-founder and Executive Director Zaid Gayle


At Sunday’s Family Dinner, we encouraged our Teens and mentors to share a time in their life when they felt stuck. When they knew that their mind was holding them back, but also trying to tell them something profound.  They were asked to share that feeling with someone close to them and to come up with an “I am” statement that reflected the change they were looking to make - an affirmation that would help them transcend their current state. For the past 20 years, mine has been “I am present.”

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Encouraging the collective strength of youth in foster care

unknown_hero.jpgWhat makes a hero?

Heroes are born when the world they once knew tragically falls apart. This moment inspires an unexpected pursuit of greatness as they must find the light to guide them through the darkness.


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Building meaningful relationships withYouth in Foster Care

issac.jpgAt Peace4Kids we’ve had a very busy and productive year.

Each day, our youth inspire us to be more present and aware of the gifts they bring to the world – and in the process, teach us to recognize our greatest selves.

In honor of this holiday season, it is our privilege to share an example of these gifts through a short story of 6 yr old Peace4Kids member Derrick.


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Peace4Kids Annual Holiday Celebration

Much love to everyone that made our Holiday Party a HUGE success! Huge shout out to our youth - our Super Heroes - who continue to bless the world with their truth and light! 

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Creating a Community Village for Youth in Foster Care

Miriam_Portrait_Smile2.jpgOn the last day of National Foster Care Month, discover what makes the Peace4Kids' formula for success so unique and valuable for youth in foster care.

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Guardians of the Galaxy: Uncovering the strengths of youth in foster care



The Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG) are a band of outcasts in a constant state of transition. Moving galaxy to galaxy, they search for the main character, Star-Lord’s, father. They embrace their mobility and are forced to adapt to their new surroundings. The Guardians all share a history of isolation and abandonment and have an unspoken language that binds them together. The understanding that they've walked the same path provides a familiar, non-judgmental space where they can let their guard down and embrace their heritage. One of my favorite lines from the film says it best, "You can fool yourself and everyone else, but you can’t fool me. I know who you are.” 

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Darrell Blocker, Peace4Kids Board Member Reflects on Rodney King


On this 25th anniversary of the Rodney King verdict and civil unrest, Peace4Kids volunteer Darrell Blocker has learned to acknowledge and not avoid discussions on race.

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Jenny Serrano shares her story in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month

Jenny_Headshot2.jpgPolitical Science Professor and Los Angeles County Special Services Assistant, Jenny Serrano, shares a very personal story in honor of National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

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Peace4Kids honors Chosen Family


Peace4Kids Executive Director, Zaid Gayle sits down with Board Member and Media Mogul, Angelica Nwandu, to discuss their unbreakable familial bond in honor of National Siblings Day.

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Why is World Social Work Day Important?

Jenny_S_Kids_v5.6.jpgWith fears growing about the change in priorities from the proposed White House budget, Peace4Kids Board Member, Jenny Serrano, MPA (bottom left), shares a special message for the child welfare community in honor of World Social Work Day.


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