Fall 🍁 Program Calendar

Our annual program calendar has 4 sessions. Each session ties into one of our Core Concepts [the PERCs of Peace4Kids!✨]

  • Personal Responsibility | Winter
  • Effective Communication | Spring
  • Respect | Summer
  • Community as Family | Fall
Fall Session Session is September 2 - December 31 🎃 🍂 🤗 🎁

This session's Core Concept, Community as Family 👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽

At Peace4Kids, we call our community attachment approach "Community as Family". Our youth, supported by a responsive, consistent and culturally sensitive community, develop a sense of belonging and permanence.

Youth in foster care may move several times in one year. Their lack of permanence can affect their ability to form strong, positive relationships, especially with adults. Peace4Kids is unique in that it promotes stability amidst uncertainty. Staff and volunteers interface with youth consistently to model healthy relationship building and effective communication. Peace4Kids becomes an extension of a family for our youth.




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The calendar may change with new opportunities and health regulations.