Story of Us | Eyana


Eyana joined the Peace4Kids family nearly 3 years ago. Her initial attendance was spotty with placement changes. She returned after we connected with her Social Worker and new caregiver, Ms. Rashana.

Eyana exhibits many signs of a young person impacted by deep trauma. Extreme emotional swings, disruptive behaviors and detachment from actions. There were dozens of Saturday debriefs where the team discussed proactive support solutions, to create a positive environment for both she and fellow classmates.

We stayed strong to our commitment of “no suspension” and followed a course of positive engagement: One-to-one caregiver dialogue, home visits with Eyana, a permanent Saturday Program Buddy to support and mitigate triggers.

Ms. Rashana feels supported through this journey and reflects on our commitment when she feels overwhelmed. 

At the end of last year, Ms. Rashana shared that not only was she going to take in Eyana’s little sister, but was going to adopt / take legal guardianship as well. The change in Eyana has been extraordinary. She’s a proud big sister at program and is learning to navigate her emotions productively. 

Ms. Rashana recently shared that Eyana is advancing in her studies and often expresses herself through music and dance. This past weekend, she partook in our trust fall activity. Initially hesitant, Eyena allowed herself to fall, trusting the members of our community would catch her. She then encouraged the other youth to try, voicing her support and trust.

Eyana is a compelling reminder of the essence of Peace4Kids: Community coming together with intent, empathy and compassion for the benefit of our children. ❤️