Peace4Kids Success Stories in our Community

As the only California organization that serves foster youth as young as 4 years old through young adulthood [24 years old]

Peace4Kids builds on a foundation of trust and consistency

By earning youth trust, we overcome one of the key obstacles that "the system" faces when addressing disparities and poor outcomes among foster youth. With an intimate understanding of the culture of youth in foster care, we fundamentally seek to improve the child welfare system, and create better results for the population. 


Our results speak for themselves:

88_success_peace4kids.gifOn average our youth are involved in programming for almost 4 years despite having multiple moves

86% of our Transition Aged Youth received their high school diplomas

75% of our eligible youth served are employed or in work related training

67% of eligible youth are in Post Secondary Education or Vocational Programs

75% know there is someone they can turn to for guidance


To meet the call to action for a population of youth in crisis, we deliver services that instill in our youth the skills and knowledge to become self-sufficient adults:

  • Weekly training, workshops, and activities that focus on independent living skills, emotional and behavioral intelligence, economic literacy, dream discovery and goal setting.
  • Quarterly staff and volunteer trainings to ensure continued delivery of a consistent, safe and nurturing environment where youth are given guidance to learn cooperation, conflict resolution, and build self-esteem.
  • Intensive, one-to-one services to transitioning youth ages 16-24 so that they achieve positive outcomes relating to housing, employment, education and health.
  • 24-hour availability to help transitioning youth better access the physical and mental health services available to them, as well as provide them with vocational counseling, transitional housing consultation, and general guidance regarding self-sufficiency.