Understanding the Need for Peace4Kids

Los Angeles County has the largest foster care population in the country with over 35,000 children in the system. Youth of color are disproportionately represented, with Black youth making up 9% of the County's population, but 30% of youth in foster care. The County Equity Explorer highlights how historical systemic injustices have led to inequities.

Our youth have a range of experiences in the foster care system. They've encountered degrees of trauma, loss, and instability. Meeting the social-emotional needs of individuals navigating these challenges while growing up is critical. As long as there are birth parents who lack the necessary bandwidth, resources and supports, there will be a need for the community to galvanize in support of our children.


Serving thousands in South Los Angeles & Beyond

Today, the Peace4Kids' vision of "community as family" provides consistency, stability, and trust for participants of all ages.  We encourage the health and well-being of the individual by ensuring that they are a valued part of the whole. 

We creatively inspire children and youth in foster care while providing tools for success. Youth discover practical tools for navigating relationships with caregivers and biological families, managing educational goals, starting careers, and self-regulating emotions.

By creating space for youth to empower themselves and build lasting relationships, members of our community learn to take ownership of their story and its impact on their lives. Our legacy of youth leadership and values inform how we evolve. 

We “uplift” what is working for generations of foster care alumni, so that current youth in care are provided a road map for success.

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