Meet the Family

Peace4Kids is anchored by a diverse group of leaders that are committed to improving the child welfare system through giving their time, expertise and care. Each member of our leadership team began their career as a volunteer for Peace4Kids or is an alumnus from foster care. We’ve discovered that when you show up to listen and learn, the people you believe you’re serving teach you something that can change the world. All of our leaders are trained to learn the language of youth in foster care and ensure that they have a safe place to discover their greatness. The members of our team live by a simple motto, “We were born to relatives, but we choose our family.”  

Take a moment to meet our family that is changing foster care for the better!


Zaid Gayle

Executive Director

Zaid_Headshot_smiling_small(2).jpgAs Executive Director, Zaid oversees an ambitious organizational growth plan, with the intended impact of helping foster and at-risk youth transition successfully into adulthood. Having been involved in community leadership and program development for over 20 years, Zaid co-founded Peace4Kids to promote peaceful conflict resolution among youth in South Los Angeles. During his seventeen years with Peace4Kids, he has served as a volunteer, mentor, board member, and teacher. Click here for Zaid's full biography.



Jacob Stein

Youth and Volunteer Development Manager

Jacob_200.jpgJacob has served as the Peace4Kids Youth and Volunteer Development Manager since 2012. Prior to Peace4Kids, he served as the Tournament Coordinator at Hollywood Park Casino where he organized 50+ charity events, galvanizing hundreds of employees to raise $200K+. Most recently he’s been the Manager for the musical activist, Cobi and International Artists, The Green Children. Jacob is instrumental in successfully accelerating their fan growth through online marketing and innovative social ventures to generate resources for vulnerable children around the world. At Peace4Kids, Jacob develops curriculum, recruits, trains and supports the needs of both youth and volunteers. This ensures that Peace4Kids fulfills its mission to improve the outcomes for youth impacted by foster care.


Diane Martell

Program Consultant

Diane_M_-_website_small.jpgDiane Martell is an entrepreneur who’s a catalyst for positive, well-organized change – personally, professionally and environmentally.  She splits her time as an organizational development consultant and landscape designer, where she finds inspiration in supporting others to achieve their maximum potential and encouraging symbiotic relationships with people and their surroundings. Involved in the learning and development industry for 25+ years, Diane is also is a certified yoga instructor, master gardener, and is active in the community, facilitating educational sessions that develop conscious and holistic leadership. Diane spent the latter part of her teen years in the California foster care system, and today strives to give back, helping youth successfully transition into adulthood.


Landon Clark

Transportation Coordinator / Fitness Facilitator

Landon_Clark_HS_small.jpgBy trade, Landon is a Licensed Massage Therapist and health advocate. As a Compton native, Landon is very committed to improving the outcomes of youth in his community. He joined the Peace4Kids team in 2014 to ensure that our youth with transportation limitations would not have any barriers that prevented them from participating in program activities. His ability to connect with youth, and his knowledge about fitness and the biology of the human body earned him the opportunity to lead our fitness programs. Each Saturday at Peace4Kids, Landon gets our youth to the program and also ensures they expand their knowledge about health and wellness through fitness activities. 



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