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Our 4 Core Concepts

Also known as the "PERCs" of Peace4Kids, our 4 Core Concepts have guided us since 2000 and continue to inspire self-confidence, self-reflection and awareness. Peace4Kids 4 Core Concepts

  • Personal Responsibility: We shape our destinies in a purposeful and reflective way by taking responsibility for ourselves and others.
  • Effective Communication: Serves as our cornerstone for cultivating nurturing connections, equipping our community with the essential skills to express thoughts, voice emotions, and navigate interpersonal relationships with clarity and empathy.
  • Respect: Promotes a culture of mutual understanding and appreciation, emphasizing the value of every individual's unique perspectives and contributions.
  • Community as Family: Through a responsive, consistent and culturally sensitive community, we cultivate a sense of belonging and permanence, encouraging each other to embrace collective responsibility and uplift each other.