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Heart Centered Justice Training

A unique training course mitigating chronic adversity for youth through justice, equity, and connection.

Adversity in childhood is common. Every child likely experiences family, societal, and community events that may have negative impact.

Children can feel unsafe and confused when adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) combine with individual differences. Research shows that childhood adversity can impair social emotional functioning and may contribute to cascading developmental difficulties. This can be compounded by the lingering effect of a sustained crisis like the pandemic, which likely has a long-term impact.

We can help ALL youth succeed by creating safe and responsive environments.

Safe and supportive environments are essential for children who grow up in foster care with limited access to responsive services. For over two decades, Peace4Kids has engaged in discovery with youth in foster care. Our anthropological approach revealed the common strengths and behaviors essential for the personal development, academic success and mental well being of youth in foster care.

In partnership with Hope Education Research Solutions, we converted these findings into a training program.

Our goal is to provide safe and supportive environments for youth affected by adversity and toxic stress.

Course Objectives

This immersive training course is designed for educators, health professionals, caregivers, administrators, social service providers and community members who support youth outcomes. Our trainers are child welfare professionals, educators, and adults with lived foster care experience.

✔️ UNDERSTAND the unique cultural assets and strengths that youth in foster care possess. 

✔️ COACH | REGULATE mind, body and emotional triggers to support the creation of safe spaces for children, colleagues and caregivers

✔️ SELF-EVALUATE | AUDIT curriculum, visual aids, and language to create inclusive learning environments that minimize unintended triggers.

✔️ STRENGTHEN mind, body and emotional triggers to support the creation of safe spaces for children, colleagues and caregivers.

Course Reviews

"I just learned SO much that I can apply to my own life and I am so grateful for that."

"The HAVS training was very helpful in reinforcing and teaching best practices of interaction with children who need empathy and understanding to really feel heard."
"I really appreciated the emphasis on placing equal attention on empathy and self-care so that you can come into these spaces self-regulated and able to be fully present for the child... I also learned more about approaching these situations from a place of equity and justice and how justice is the primary goal of Peace4Kids. I really liked how we were encouraged to reflect on how our own lives and experiences can shape how we connect with each other."

To request a training or for more information on 🤍 Centered Justice, email [email protected] 

"There are no words, truly. So often we attend trainings that have the same information recycled over and over and not entirely useful. This is not true of this training, especially the HAVS."