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Have questions? We've got answers! Listed below are our most commonly asked questions.

Whether you're looking for information about enrolling a youth, volunteering, or donations, you may find the answers you need here. If you can't find the answer you're looking for or need more details on any topic, don't hesitate to message us. We're here to help!

Browse the questions below to find the answers you need:

We look forward to connecting with you and getting your youth enrolled. Get in touch with us by filling out the Youth Enrollment Inquiry form.

For youth, teenagers, and young adults, as well as their caregivers, all of our programs, services, and community events are free of charge.

Yes, we like to eat! 😋 At Peace4Kids, healthy and delicious meals are a top priority. We serve a nutritious, well-rounded breakfast and lunch at our Saturday Program, and provide healthy snacks and food options at all Community Day events, Family Dinners and youth gatherings.

In general, transportation to the Saturday Program, Community Day events and 1:1 meetings is not provided. Once a youth arrives at the program, we organize and provide transportation for special events, field trips, and outings.

Rather than a traditional mentor-mentee match, we have a group of people ready to support. With "just in time" mentoring, we make the right connections at the right time to meet youth needs. Mentoring can be done simultaneously, collaboratively, or sequentially by one or more staff or volunteers.

Social workers are welcome to share our program information with caregivers and resource parents. We use a holistic approach, so caregivers and resource parents are required to attend an onboarding orientation, enroll their youth, and be the main point of contact. By doing this, we are also able to build a strong relationship with the entire family, offering a greater depth of service, resources and support.

Each year, we host a number of Community Days open to the entire family, including biological children. Weekly programming, transitional youth services, and leadership programs are open to system-involved youth including those in foster care, legal guardianship, group home and relative caregiver placement.

Financial donations are always gratefully welcomed and appreciated. Due to space constraints and our equitable giving model, we do not accept gently used clothing or household items. For our Community Day events, we will consider in-kind donations as gifts for all participants. Examples include new clothing, toiletries, toys, books, and other small items.

We're excited you'd like to join our community! For details on volunteering, click here.

We appreciate your interest! There are potential volunteer opportunities for groups. Connect with us and we'll contact you for details and opportunities.

We're happy to sign off on community service hours for our volunteers. In order to become a volunteer, participants must be 18 years of age or older, and complete our 4-step onboarding process. More information can be found here.