Community safety is our #1 priority. We continue to review state and federal health guidance updates and adjust our programs and policies accordingly.

Saturday Core Program

Our Saturday Program is the main entry point into the P4K's community. Youth and teens in foster care, ages 4-19 develop new friendships, gain mentors, and hone their strengths and assets through highly creative and experiential learning.

Our trained staff and volunteers lead activities that promote curiosity, wellness, life skills development and a sense of belonging. Through heart-centered 🧡 engagement, we provide a safe place to build personal responsibility, effective communication and  respect!

Activities include:

Creative + Expressive Arts Painting, Sculpting, Dance, Music, Film, Photography, Writing

Health + Wellness Cooking, Gardening, Yoga, Hiking, Breathing Exercises, Sports and Active Play

Technology Digital Design, Podcasting, STEM Activities, Robotics

Field Trips Parks, Museums, Camping, Beach, Pool, Community Festivals

Located at Watts/Willowbrook Boys & Girls Club most Saturdays, we rotate age groups every 2-3 weeks, and focus on building long-term relationships:

  • PEACE GARDEN [4-6 years] Activities that weave elements of play and curiosity into mindful practices and socialization skills.
  • EARLY EDUCATION [7-9 years] Activities that build on self-awareness, self-discovery and creative expression.
  • CREATIVE EDUCATION [10-12 years] Facilitating strength based expression through creative arts, wellness and community collaboration.
  • CONFIDENCE CLUB or LMN [13-15 years] Gender specific curriculum with a focus on social and emotional development.
  • TEENS [16-19 years] Life skills curriculum supporting self-sufficiency, resourcefulness, connectedness and emotional well being.                           

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Peace4Kids Youth Programs are free.

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We hold family events every other month celebrating our youth and community! With activities that emphasize our collective strengths, we focus on community learnings and youth accomplishments. All youth and caregivers are invited!

Our events regularly include: themed photo booths, a pop-up library, arts and crafts, interactive music booth, free giveaways, delicious and nutritious home-cooked meals, enriching activities and games for all ages!


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A youth-centric, 'community mentoring' program supporting young people as they transition into adulthood.

Rather than a traditional mentor-mentee match, we have a group of people ready to support. With "just in time" mentoring, we make the right connections at the right time to meet the needs of youth. One or more volunteers could contribute simultaneously, collaboratively or successively.

Mental and physical health services, job and career support, transitional housing and self-sufficiency counseling are essential for young people in transition. While these services exist for youth, they're not always sure how to access them. Trained staff and volunteers help youth deal with the stress and confusion associated with these challenges, and connect them to these lifelines.

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For over a decade, current and former foster youth in our Leadership Program have led self-advocacy efforts, implemented large-scale projects, and inspired others to advocate for themselves, inform others, and create meaningful change.

2021 ROCMove

Collectively changing how youth in the foster care system are illustrated, recognized, and cared for. A group of intergenerational leaders with firsthand foster care experience, distinct expertise and direct stakes in creating a healthier culture and experience for young people in care. Their goal is ambitious: to confront rampant bias and reframe public perception of people with experience in foster care. Join @ROCMove On Instagram


 2020 Altura Collaborative

A vibrant network for professionals with a lived foster care experience. Altura Collaborative provides members networking, mentorship and career resources. The goal is to develop important connections, while acknowledging the unique needs of those with a lived foster care experience. Altura is a platform to share ideas, opinions and advice with peers, while working to advance careers.


2015 The Mobile Village Kitchen

The Mobile Village Kitchen is a solution to the missing food legacy for youth in foster care, improving health outcomes and tackling food inequity in South LA. A Peace4Kids' original concept, the Mobile Village Kitchen is a 32' expandable trailer designed by our youth along with architect and former board chair Deborah Richmond.



2010 FosterWise

A network of youth leaders advocating for change in child welfare. Participation in the redesign of Youth Development Services led to the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services changing how it measures success.



2009 'All I Did was Turn 18 Campaign'

Peace4Kids was instrumental, through advocacy events and national media coverage, in supporting the passage of AB12, California legislation that extends support for foster youth until the age of 21.

Currently in foster care or have past lived experience in foster care?

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