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Our Work


In 1998, Zaid Gayle and Marni Otway founded Peace4Kids as part of a nationwide campaign to promote peace. The students at 99th Street Elementary School invited Marni and Zaid to create a garden with them to have a peaceful environment at school. Through gardening, the students learned about the cycle of life and the principles of nonviolence while discovering their strengths and gifts in the process. Now, Peace4Kids focuses on creating a safe community where youth in foster care thrive, so that their discoveries and strengths can be shared for collective healing.




“Community as Family” provides consistency, stability, and trust to people of all ages with lived experience in foster care.



To create a safe community where youth in foster care thrive and form lasting connections.


Guiding Principles

  • Celebrate wholeness, assets, and strengths.

  • Encourage agency, voice, and choice.

  • Collaborate with youth to discover and incubate innovative community ideas.

  • Be flexible and adaptable to manage change.

  • Nurture intergenerational relationships and support.

  • Activate co-regulation approaches that create safe spaces for youth who experience foster care and trauma.


Peace4Kids Saturday Program

Realizing "Community as Family" requires...

  • Youth feeling part of safe and secure communities.
  • Youth having greater access to mental health supports and services.
  • Improved self and social awareness.
  • Greater social and emotional competence.
  • Optimistic thinking.
  • Stable and trusting relationships with caregivers, adults and peers.

arrow_heart.pngLeading to improved well-being, increased agency and goal-directed behavior.


We provide integrated programs and personalized navigation services for children, youth, and adults with lived foster care experience as well as training, tools and resources for those supporting them.



Our Programs

Peace4Kids embraces and uplifts every young person's potential. Our programs are designed with a commitment to providing tailored support, leadership, and transformative experiences. Our mission stretches beyond conventional approaches. We strive to...
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Heart Centered Justice Training

A unique training course mitigating chronic adversity for youth through justice, equity, and connection. Adversity in childhood is common. Every child likely experiences family, societal, and community events that may have negative impact....
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