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Program Schedule

Our schedule caters to the needs and aspirations of youth in foster care. Recognizing the importance of structured yet flexible programming, our calendar offers a diverse array of enriching activities, workshops, and events tailored to encourage personal growth, strengths, and community engagement.

Our annual program calendar has 4 sessions. Each session ties into one of our 4 Core Concepts  Also known as the "PERCs✨" of Peace4Kids, our 4 Core Concepts have guided us since 2000 and continue to inspire self-confidence, self-reflection and awareness.

  • Personal Responsibility | Winter
  • Effective Communication | Spring
  • Respect | Summer
  • Community as Family | Fall

Summer Session is June 1 - Aug 24 🌞 🏖️

"Summer is a wonderfully kinetic time, a season of youth, activity, celebration and revolution. It encourages dancing under sprinklers, sparklers and stars. It beckons us on long bike rides and hikes. It’s the season of swimming and tents, of giving into the gravitational pull of trees and bodies of water. And historically the season of mass protest for progressive causes.

But conversely, it’s also the time to do as little as possible. It’s the season to just … be." - The Wisdom Project

This session's Core Concept, Respect 📣

Respect: Promotes a culture of mutual understanding and appreciation, emphasizing the value of every individual'sunique perspectives and contributions..

I cannot conceive of a greater loss than the loss of one's self-respect.” —  Mahatma Gandhi

In the clip below, hear the native story of mindfulness and respecting different parts of ourselves🧡


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The calendar may change with new opportunities and health regulations.