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Heart-Centered Connectors

In 2022 we launched our Heart-Centered Connectors Program. Over 30 community members have been certified through a partnership with Dr. Niki Elliot. Together, we designed a program focused on self-regulation techniques and training others to support children impacted by trauma.

An immersive 3-day retreat precedes a six-month in-depth course, where participants learn:

  • A synthesis of interpersonal neurobiology, educational neuroscience, that emphasizes the impact trauma, toxic stress, and adverse childhood experiences have on the nervous system and brain.
  • Science-based, secular mindfulness and breathwork strategies that allow us to be socially engaged and embrace felt safety.

Peace4KIds: Heart Centered Educators

Once certified, our Heart-Centered Connectors are equipped to step out into the community and train educators, social workers, caregivers, and others.

We believe that healthy behavior and identity development for children is only possible when the adults who surround them have a strong capacity for self-regulation and co-regulation.

Most of all, our Heart-Centered Connectors are eager to support the healing of others who have experienced foster care.

Taking part in this program creates a ripple effect that benefits everyone participating, and creates a more compassionate community.