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Healthy Meals in South LA

In a turbulent childhood, the kitchen represents the heart of the home.

Peace4Kids Cooking on The Mobile Village Kitchen

We opened The Mobile Village Kitchen [dubbed "The MVK"] in 2015, an original concept developed over five years by Peace4Kids' youth. The MVK is a solution to the missing food legacy for youth in foster care, improving health outcomes and tackling food inequity in South LA. KCRW was there to cover the story.

A Peace4Kids original concept, The MVK is a 32' expandable trailer, ideated and designed by our community along with architect and former board chair Deborah Richmond.

"The happiest memories I have as a kid were with my family around the dinner table," says Raquine, a current Peace4Kids member. Through P4K, Raquine and his peers created a solution that connects people to food, teaches cooking skills and serves as a platform to showcase talent. The MVK is now a thriving community hub, providing a safe space for people to share memories and create new ones. It has become a symbol of hope, creativity and the power of collective action.

To date, The MVK has served over 10,000 nutrient-rich meals.

Peace4Kids Mobile Village Kitchen Opens!