Perceptions w/Dr Nash

Our beliefs shape how we see the world. In honor of National Foster Care month, Zaid and Miriam explore the public’s biases toward youth in foster care and the impact it has on our community. As one of the founders of the Revolution of Care Movement (ROCMove), Dr. Noah Nash, shares his strategy towards change in foster care from the bottom up. Continue reading


"The only thing that is constant is change." Heraclitus In this episode, we dive into the idea of change with Laura Cortez as she reflects on loss and disruption caused by the pandemic and how adapting to life away from her friends, sisters, and school reminded her of her experience in foster care. Continue reading


Why do we call it "Mothering Day"? Our community has a very different relationship with the idea of motherhood. For young people in foster care there is a need to reconcile the disruption of their biological family to create chosen family. Continue reading