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The Pointless Forest

The Pointless Forest Book

A Children's Book Honoring The Foster Care Journey.

The differences and talents we all possess provide us with the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world. In 2021, we published our inaugural children's bookThe Pointless Forest. Pointlexia, the pencil, learns how her differences enable her to recolor the world around her. 

To provide grade school teachers with a way to talk about foster care from a story of strength, this book highlights the foster care journey in a fun and engaging way. 


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Meet the Author & Illustrator

The creatives behind The Pointless Forest sat down to offer reflections, musings, and what inspired them to use their unique experiences with foster care as storytelling fuel.

🎧 Listen to author Angelica Nwandu's conversation with Zaid Gayle, Peace4Kids Executive Director

✍🏾 Check out illustrator Mir Cortez's conversation with Dr. Noah Nash, ROCMove co-founder