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Saturday Core Program

Our Saturday Program is the main entry point into the P4K's community.

Youth and teens in foster care, ages 4-19:

  • Develop new friendships
  • Connect with siblings they're separated from
  • Engage in group and peer mentorship
  • Hone their strengths and assets through highly creative and experiential learning

Our trained staff and volunteers lead activities that promote curiosity, wellness, life skills development and a sense of belonging. Through heart-centered ūüß° engagement, we provide a safe place to build personal responsibility, effective communication, respect and Community as Family [our 4 core concepts]!

Activities include:

  • Creative + Expressive Arts¬†Painting, Sculpting, Dance, Music, Film, Photography, Writing
  • Health + Wellness¬†Cooking, Gardening, Yoga, Hiking, Breathing Exercises, Sports and Active Play
  • Technology¬†Digital Design, Podcasting, STEM Activities, Robotics
  • Field Trips¬†Parks, Museums, Camping, Beach, Pool, Community Festivals


Located at Watts/Willowbrook Boys & Girls Club most Saturdays, we rotate age groups every 2 weeks, and focus on building long-term relationships:

  • PEACE GARDEN [4-6 years]¬†Activities that¬†weave elements of play and curiosity into mindful practices and¬†socialization skills.
  • EARLY EDUCATION [7-9 years]¬†Activities that build on self-awareness, self-discovery and creative expression.
  • CREATIVE EDUCATION [10-12 years]¬†Facilitating strength based expression through creative arts, wellness and community¬†collaboration.
  • CONFIDENCE CLUB or LMN [13-15 years] Curriculum that prioritizes social and emotional development with consideration for diverse gender identities.
  • TEENS [16-19 years]¬†Life skills curriculum supporting self-sufficiency, resourcefulness, connectedness and emotional well being.

Interested in Youth Enrollment?

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Community Day Events

We hold family events every other month celebrating our youth and community! With fun activities that celebrate our diverse cultural experiences, we focus on community learnings and youth accomplishments. All youth and caregivers are invited!

All community members are welcome to attend our free events, which often feature:

  • Youth + Caregiver Resources
  • Mental Health + Wellness¬†Resources
  • Themed Photo Booth
  • Pop-up Library
  • Arts + Crafts Workshops
  • Music + Entertainment
  • SWAG [Stuff we all get!]
  • Tasty and healthy Food + Refreshments
  • Enriching¬†activities¬†and games for all ages!

Our Community Days celebrate the vibrancy of our youth and the deeply interwoven fabric of our community.