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S. 1 | Episode 6: Love #1 Creating a Family

"I sustain myself with the love of family." - Maya Angelou -

At Peace4Kids we believe that you are born to relatives but you choose your family. It is this choice, the commitment to love as you are, that lays the foundation for our experience in the world. If we are diligent about our choices we can nurture love and watch it grow and challenge our assumptions. If we are careless, we litter our emotional landscape with unresolved feelings and unmet expectations.

In this first episode in our LOVE series, we speak to Jayde and Luis about honoring their heart to start a family while still being brave enough to lean into vulnerability. We think there are many gems in this conversation that shed light on the power of love!

Music for this episode was graciously provided by the incomparable Ndidi O 

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