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S. 1 | Episode 3: Perceptions with Dr. Nash

Our beliefs shape how we see the world.

In honor of National Foster Care month, Zaid and Miriam explore the public’s biases toward youth in foster care and the impact it has on our community. As one of the founders of the Revolution of Care Movement (ROCMove), Dr. Noah Nash, shares his strategy towards change in foster care from the bottom up.

His research centers on the intersection of technology and foster care and unpacks the negative effects of media perceptions on marginalized communities.

ROCMove is a Peace4Kids initiative that honors the raw, unfiltered, authentic voices from foster care. It is composed of intergenerational leaders with lived foster care experience, deep expertise, and direct stake in creating a healthier culture.

To advance this effort, they have launched the Changing the Narrative research project while also creating new media narratives and training to mitigate the public’s negative perceptions about foster care. Read our recent report here.

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